Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Working Man- debut video

The Working Man- Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2015

Earlier in my blog posts, I wrote about the band that this majestic man is leading in. You can find it here. This is another character that has been created through this band's awesome and crazy songs and you will find him on the microphone singing his heart out on stage, when he isn't beating the crap out of anyone who starts on him. Don't mess with this man because  he is (insert fighting commentator voice) "THE ONE AND ONLY, HARD AS NAILS, THE FIGHTING MACHINE, THE HARDEST MAN IN BLACKBURN...... THE WORKING MAN!!!!!"

The Working Man (The Hardest Man in Blackburn). He is harder than Rocky Balboa, A zebra crossing, Booze and most of all GOD. For he, himself is god like. He has been compared to Superman and the Almighty Thor but not even DC or Marvel could create a man so hard. No-one could fight him, with one look he can make grown men and steroid heads cry. He can take you on a taxi ride to the other side of blackburn..... if you dare.

Check out their debut video for the man himself:

Enjoy it, rock out to it, but you better like it!
Or the next time i see you you may be eating through a straw (insert worried face)

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