Sunday, 30 August 2015

Art is dead

Art is dead! Now that's a big statement for me to say. It is all around us through different media and it's what we see constantly on social media. Unfortunately when was the last time you saw a piece which you actually thought 'wow!, that person had/ has talent'. For me there is only one or two. A few people who go against the grain and push the boundaries to express themselves through their art. I scan through Instagram and see only popularity, many people who have gained loads of followers and get acknowledged because of their typical pretty faces and who draw a simple line or a dot and "it's the most amazing thing ever'. Maybe it's just me being synical but I feel to achieve anything in the artworld it feels like you have to be pretentious, cool (hipster cool) or just the everyday beauty. Is it just me who doesn't feel this is right? There are so many amazing artists out there but it is the cool kids who get noticed. Art has become about beauty rather than creativity. It flows the same through the music and fashion societies. We see magazines full of celebrities (one hot wonders who did xfactor or big brother) and choose the same outfits they are wearing even though a few months or years earlier you would have never been seen in the outfit. For example when I was younger I used to dress quite gothic/ grungy. I'd be all in black, band tees and ripped jeans, and soon bought my own pair of doc martins. I'd get constantly looked at asif I was dirty and just a goth. Nowadays though I see everyone walking around in these clothes, all those posh cool kids who would have never been seen in such attire. Now it's ok though because topshop sells these items, and they just saw all their top celebrities wearing it so it's obviously cool, right? 
I work in a music shop and try my best to keep up to date with the names of these dimwits who are selling albums. These 'now that's what I call music' albums which are a load of bollocks and watch all the 'one direction' or 'Justin beiber' look alikes who swarm through the doors. I understand that some popularity does help but the popularity shouldn't be the main thing that shows that someone is talented at what they do. It should be the opposite, genuine talent should lead to popularity. Bob Dylan was talented and he's still remembered now. Leonardo do Vinci wasn't popular but his paintings and sketchbooks reached popularity after he passed away. William Shakespeare was probably seen as crazy with his talent for writing but now we see him as a genius. As a human race we need to stop following the norm. Just because someone has a million likes on social media doesn't mean they are any good. Take a look at their stuff, decide for yourself because that's why we have brains with thoughts and feelings, with our own opinions and ideas. We are not sheep. As the mean girls quote perfectly says 'I saw cady heron wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops' doesnt' mean you have to do the same. If you saw a celebrity jump off a cliff, would you? No, I'd hope not. So use that knowledge to do something for yourself and stop being influenced because you think it's cool. Art is dead aslong as we keep pretending we're cool kids. 

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Working Man- debut video

The Working Man- Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2015

Earlier in my blog posts, I wrote about the band that this majestic man is leading in. You can find it here. This is another character that has been created through this band's awesome and crazy songs and you will find him on the microphone singing his heart out on stage, when he isn't beating the crap out of anyone who starts on him. Don't mess with this man because  he is (insert fighting commentator voice) "THE ONE AND ONLY, HARD AS NAILS, THE FIGHTING MACHINE, THE HARDEST MAN IN BLACKBURN...... THE WORKING MAN!!!!!"

The Working Man (The Hardest Man in Blackburn). He is harder than Rocky Balboa, A zebra crossing, Booze and most of all GOD. For he, himself is god like. He has been compared to Superman and the Almighty Thor but not even DC or Marvel could create a man so hard. No-one could fight him, with one look he can make grown men and steroid heads cry. He can take you on a taxi ride to the other side of blackburn..... if you dare.

Check out their debut video for the man himself:

Enjoy it, rock out to it, but you better like it!
Or the next time i see you you may be eating through a straw (insert worried face)

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