Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Mural Mindfullness

Recently me and my mum took on a massive project, which was very different for the both of us. As I've mentioned before in earlier posts my mum is a portrait and landscape artist focusing on realism and myself an Illustrator. We both have very different styles and until this point have never worked together on an actual piece. We have always helped each other out with advice and ideas but never put paint to paper (or wall) to combine our work.

So when Hopton Care Cottages asked us to do a mural we jumped at the chance. Scared as the area was so big and completely out of our comfort zones, we took it as a challenge and a nice mother and daughter bonding session.

My mum decided on the forest scene above which i personally think was perfect for the placement. A forest is perfect for mindfulness and relaxation. It promotes memory, creative thinking, concentration and openness. It can enhance communication and relationships, reduce stress and improve sleep quality. Plus, the main reason is it's natural and calming which is perfect for a home who cares for dementia sufferers.

So we got to work...
The wall was massive and I finally learnt how hard it is to balance on ladders. We started off with a very light green base to fill the full wall before drawing out our horizon line and perspective. Once that was done it was all or nothing, a plodding of paint, making lines and adding minute details... The first section took 7 hours which we spent concentrating so hard whilst listening to old rock and roll that the residents had on.
This was the result of our first night (above) 

Our second night we cracked on again... We kept each other motivated when each of us went through stages of tiredness and powered on through. The comments from the residents and staff kept us motivated and we finally started to see it come together :) 
(My mum above)

4am rolled on. 8 hours of continious painting, singing and abit of dancing and we were done. Our faces were lit with smiles (cheesy I know) but I can't explain how proud we were of the piece. Our first attempt and we'd smashed it :) the next day we received so many comments and couldn't believe the reaction. That boost has inspired us and we're looking forward to doing more :) 

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