Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Mural Mindfullness

Recently me and my mum took on a massive project, which was very different for the both of us. As I've mentioned before in earlier posts my mum is a portrait and landscape artist focusing on realism and myself an Illustrator. We both have very different styles and until this point have never worked together on an actual piece. We have always helped each other out with advice and ideas but never put paint to paper (or wall) to combine our work.

So when Hopton Care Cottages asked us to do a mural we jumped at the chance. Scared as the area was so big and completely out of our comfort zones, we took it as a challenge and a nice mother and daughter bonding session.

My mum decided on the forest scene above which i personally think was perfect for the placement. A forest is perfect for mindfulness and relaxation. It promotes memory, creative thinking, concentration and openness. It can enhance communication and relationships, reduce stress and improve sleep quality. Plus, the main reason is it's natural and calming which is perfect for a home who cares for dementia sufferers.

So we got to work...
The wall was massive and I finally learnt how hard it is to balance on ladders. We started off with a very light green base to fill the full wall before drawing out our horizon line and perspective. Once that was done it was all or nothing, a plodding of paint, making lines and adding minute details... The first section took 7 hours which we spent concentrating so hard whilst listening to old rock and roll that the residents had on.
This was the result of our first night (above) 

Our second night we cracked on again... We kept each other motivated when each of us went through stages of tiredness and powered on through. The comments from the residents and staff kept us motivated and we finally started to see it come together :) 
(My mum above)

4am rolled on. 8 hours of continious painting, singing and abit of dancing and we were done. Our faces were lit with smiles (cheesy I know) but I can't explain how proud we were of the piece. Our first attempt and we'd smashed it :) the next day we received so many comments and couldn't believe the reaction. That boost has inspired us and we're looking forward to doing more :) 

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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Body Creativity

Keeping to the theme of my blog of creativity and art, i wanted to look at something that most people don't perceive as creative. Our Human Body. Our human body was created. and each one of us is unique and different. We dress it up, with piercings, tattoos, clothes and the colour of our hair. We create new looks for ourselves on the outside and forget to think about the inside (the areas we don't see). The things we eat and the way we act can damage or refine the lifespan and quality of our lives.

I constantly crave for sugar and even though I'm slim my diet can be pretty terrible at times. I eat a lot of chocolate and when i can afford will scoff down plenty of takeaways. My exercise regime doesn't exist, only keeping myself active when I'm running around at work. 

After watching a few UFC fights and checking out 'The Ultimate Fighter' for the first time, I started to think more about my diet and exercise routine and how i could improve it. So i started researching nutrition and fitness blogs (which you can find on my bloglovin' link below) a lot of these have awesome exercises you can do at home without spending money on the gym. They also include a lot of food facts and recipes to create to avoid getting bored of what you're eating.
I also bought a book called 'The Food Doctor' which you can buy from amazon. It's an amazing book telling you different foods to fight or help heal your body or your mind. It gives you a list of the food groups and alternative foods for vegans and vegetarians (if you're not a meat lover unlike me.) Definitely worth a read.

To push myself further I have also set up an Instagram page @nakomafitness to help motivate me to keep going and hopefully motivate others as I go along. I'm not aiming on losing weight because i think I'd be silly to do this, as I am already at a healthy weight for my age and height. My plan is tone and generally eat healthier, building my fitness and health inside and out through daily exercise and eating clean. I'm already two weeks in and can feel the difference in my mood, skin and my energy. 

Eating clean is not always as easy as you may think. It does not mean going for the fat free options or those fruit filled cereals you see in the supermarket. It doesn't mean that you can have a diet coke or go on a fad diet. To eat healthy you need fats, proteins, carbs and your vitamins and minerals. A balanced diet comes from natural sources. This world has created all the substances we need for our bodies. Now if that's not art then what is? 

Theres some cool documentaries out there which are telling you the true facts about food and how companies are false advertising to make you feel like you're eating healthier, just so you'll get addicted to their products. It's crazy!!! But you'll be surprised how many people are doing it.
Check out 'Hungry for a change' on Netflix. So eye-opening!

I'm starting my fitness journey now with the aim to create a healthy environment for myself to live in. Any advice or ideas are welcome as I am just learning. Get in touch with any interesting reads or documentaries. I'm open to learning something new. Maybe even throw on those workout clothes or pack your fridge full of fun food and join me? I hope I inspire others along the way :) 

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Monday, 13 July 2015

The working Man

'Big Bad John' -Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2015

So I've been a little quiet recently working on some top secret artwork (I had to promise at gunpoint not to show anyone) 

'The Working Man' are a crazily extravagant band from blackburn who are not afraid of offending anyone and produce some amazing tongue in arse-cheek/ rock and roll style tracks, with a love of loud noises and controversial subjects. Calling themselves a 5-piece-variety-shite-bucket (mind my language) and quotes that 'They call me the working man and I'm the hardest man in blackburn"

So you can imagine my excitement when they had a call out for artists for their album. Crazy, dark characters with awesome back stories :) I am still in the process of working on these but as of recently they posted their "Big Bad John' track on soundcloud and gave me a lovely mention for the artwork above :) 

So here is Big Bad John walking down the stairs on christmas day, a gentleman conceived in a murky bathtub. Give the link a listen, give this awesome band a share and most of all enjoy :)

Keep your eyes peeled :) toodles

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