Monday, 15 June 2015

city escape

Some days it's just nice to get away from your every day life. To escape and visit somewhere new or one of the places which brings you inspiration. I find cities can be the perfect place to find new inspiration, meet new people or see something new. They're full of opportunities and culture and even through the hectic movement of the people around you, you can find so many nooks and crannies worth hiding away in. Places which energise your mind and help you to relax and find new ideas.
copyrighted by Natasha Aldred 2015

I did just this and ventured out to my local city of Leeds in West Yorkshire with my camera and set off to find inspiration and to generate ideas. I came back with these photos plus many more. 
copyrighted by Natasha Aldred 2015

copyrighted by Natasha Aldred 2015

copyrighted by Natasha Aldred 2015

I love little details and these are the type of things that usually get missed. A simple texture, a lock, the tiny graffiti on a wall. Always overlooked. A lot of people only see the big picture and forget about details. It's very similar to the world at the minute. The way art, music and fashion is portrayed, only noticed if it's popular and not for the talent and little details. But anyways that's definitely a rant for another day.
copyrighted by Natasha Aldred 2015

So keep your eyes peeled folks!

There's so much more to see in this world we live in. Don't miss out on the details :) 

Toodles :) 

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