Wednesday, 18 March 2015


It's #womancrushwednesday

So some of you may be asking... what the hell is this about? It's a social media day. A day when you find a woman who inspires you and you repost a picture of them. They feel flattered and so on! Easy? Yeah?
I agree, and it's a lovely idea to make other women feel beautiful about themselves. A way to boost that other person up and tell them that they're doing something amazing and are admired for it.

So.... i wanted to try this social media frenzy, and use it to practice my drawing skills. I love drawing portraits but sometimes can find them hard and challenging to do. So why not use this day to practice that? A few weeks back i began working on my first woman crush wednesday project of the lovely "YOLANDI' from 'DIE ANTWOORD'. I am in love with her crazy fashion sense and her voice.
The next was the beautiful 'CERVENA FOX' , an alternative model, makeup artist and fire/ aerial performer.
Next up was "ZOETICA EBB" who is an amazing Illustrator/ Designer/ Photographer and Journalist. Check out her website for her beautiful 'ALIEN BOTANY' collection
Then came another one of my heroes "LORA ZOMBIE" the most colourful, crazy and grunge artist you'll ever see! Her work is phenomenal and can not wait to get a piece of her new HEROTIME clothing collection. 
Finally we come to today. I've always loved bit of Paramore since they brought their first album out "All we know is falling" but the main inspiration is "HAYLEY WILLIAMS' style and her fantastic voice.  
I'm really enjoying doing these quick sketches and its really good practice. Why not try it and join many of us who are working with the social media trends to practice and showcase some work :)
Keep an eye out on my instagram page-
Would love to hear some feedback :) 

I'm off to sleep city :) night :)

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