Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Do you experience those days where you feel you have too much to do? Or you just sit there being unable to start any task even though your brain is on overdrive with thoughts. That momment like in Harry potter the philospher's stone, where he enters to see the rusty key he has to catch, to then be swarmed by a thousand other keys attacking and distracting him from his goal. Maybe it's just me? But it makes simple tasks hard to do and makes me feel tired and annoyed. 
So this isn't meant to be an upsetting post don't worry. A few days ago one of my friends found an app called headspace- http://t.co/86p8FjZnDM
And it's amazing! It's a 10 day course which talks you through 10minutes of meditation a day. I've always been interested in this and was unsure if it would work for me, but I found it fantastic! It makes you focus on you! How u breathe, how your body is feeling and let's you distract yourself from the thoughts that have been plaguing you. Afterwards you feel calm and relaxed and ready to take on the world with positivity. I love it! I'm only on my 3rd session so far but it's been awesome! 
I'm wanting to adapt this positivity to my work! Especially with my new business idea. I've named my future shop and collection 'Nakoma' (a personal name for me) but also meaning great warrior and spirit. I feel that as a brand I want to show that we should fight for our creativity and have a fun creative spirit. 'Fight for what you believe in! Fight for who you are and what you want!' For me it's 'fight to be different' 
Go check it out :) 
Toodles! :) 

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