Sunday, 22 March 2015

Adventure time!

It was a beautiful day yesterday and after many years i finally found the video setting on my camera.... what a numpty! So me and my boyfriend headed out for 'adventure times', taking with us a camera and food supplies. Our aim was to play around with my camera and look for ideas for a spoken word video for Jamie. Check out his spoken word here
We ventured around huddersfield finding some amazing little abandoned places and my obsession with texture took over as I photographed the areas. I forgot how much I loved being behind the camera.

I was upset to see how much litter and abandoned furniture had been left in public places and seeing how an old beautiful building had been knocked down for a car park. 
We went past an empty basketball court. It was so eerie not to hear any children playing.... complete silence! It makes me feel old saying this but "Back in my day" or "when i was younger" we all spent our days out in the streets with our friends. Our parents couldn't keep us inside. Now parents can't get their kids outside. Everything at their fingertips. Talking to their friends through computer games instead of inviting them round. I don't know about you but i miss those days! I miss that innocence, that naivety of the world and most of all the creativity. Being able to transform a stick to a sword or gun with our imagination, or inventing the wild wild west or fantasy land with a group of friends. Well let's keep that creativity alive! Let's not become boring vegetables who sit in front of desks. We are not the people stuck in their chairs in pixar's 'WALL.E.' We need to be those adventurers, the heroes we thought we could be as children. We need to take a tip from peter pan and 'never grow up.'

So who wants to join me? Let's go on an adventure! 

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