Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Solo exhibition

On Saturday 15th December 2012 i organised my first solo exhibition "cirque de masques" which took place at Czar Men's Hairdressing in Huddersfield. The exhibition will be up for 6 weeks so please pop by and take a gander. :)  I based my exhibition around the circus and the characters which are found there. These pieces above were displayed. On the night, the drinks flowed and we had two amazing performances. First up were James Yates Hothersall and Tommy Sutton as "Schlakofv vs T-plus", providing us with some offensive comedic lyrics and a song so deep that it makes u think. Second up was Jonny Stone at JDStone Creations, a keyboardist with amazing talent, creating strong depths to all his songs. On the night i got to meet new people and exchange ideas, sold a few illustrations and all in all had an awesome night. Organising my own work seemed so much more stressful than organising the actual event, but with some experience out of the way i would definately do this again. So watch this space as i hope to organise some more events for the future :) x

Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2012

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