Monday, 3 September 2012

Wolf eyes

This is an image i illustrated last week based on some ramblings i wrote down a while a go. I've recently started getting little bits of writing inspiration and thought I'd share the image and the text which inspired it. Please remember that these are only ramblings and in which some things may not make sense.

'We hide ourselves behind a masquerade mask.
We appear naive, a wolf in sheep skin.
A deep sense of sexuality and wonder within.
An underlying perverseness.
The fragility of the human body, but the strength of the mind.
A conceptual shark out to devour- to sink you into the depths of lust and sin, at the very moment you lose your grip and control.
You see it!
Feel the water become dark and strong.
It drags you down with that one sharp bite.
Into the depths, you struggle- fighting with every muscle you have.
But nothing is strong enough.
The pain becomes pleasure, swallowed, concealed by it, your mind is no longer part of your outer skin.
Your costume.
The dress you wear for the puppeteer.
You enjoy it!
Lust for it!
Pleasure and sexuality has taken you back, skinned you and the wolf is revealed."

Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2012

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