Saturday, 8 September 2012

Mister Big and Bad and Little Miss red

So again i was writing the other day and thought I'd share a little of what I've been writing so here goes-

"He watched her as she peeled away her warning red jacket, her protection, her armour. He grinned with his sharp teethy grin and licked his lips as she slenderly walked over to him. She stood there transfixed by his glinting full eyes, in complete awe of this beast. He had the power over her and he knew it. Taking her hand he pulled her towards him. An electric spark as their bodies touched. The tension builds between them as he leans towards her, kissing her neck, whilst his hands wander over her body. She can not move. For he is the puppeteer and she is now his toy, his beautiful fragile puppet. He is the monster that draws her in. Mister big and bad, and she is his little miss red."

"Wide awake i feel it- him! i feel him slowly peel back the layers, sinking his hands into my thoughts. Flicking through them like pages in a book. He stops, reads, then pushes them aside. He takes out a pen and looks at the worn out pages which were once pristine. Pages which used to glimmer are now graffitied and water stained from mascara rain. He begins to write again, crossing words out. Scribbling over beautifully illustrated images. Changing the story, the meaning, the thoughts. Torn out, chewed, then spat like pieces of chewing gum you find under your desk. Making a mess, a full on riot. You hear the voice shout, scream and protest."

I want to illustrate these so keep our eyes peeled for the future :) 

Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2012

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