Friday, 7 September 2012

In a writing mood :)

I've been in a writing mood recently and found myself scribbling away some poems/ half stories on the way back from a trip to birmingham. Would you like to hear them? Here goes....

"Push the boundaries, burlesque their fantasies.
Take the test.
Smiles on their faces, a chuckle in places.
Offend the rest.
Find their weakness, tickle the secret.
Scratch the truth.
Convert their thoughts, the judge in court.
Give them proof."

"Life can twist, and break your wrist,
and through broken hands you still pray, and let the lies just lay.
For is that not a sin, when you know within,
 that the father, your saviour, is but a kick in your shin.
For the stories you hear, are chinese whispers i fear,
and show you nothing of the truth, father give them proof."

now for more of a short story i may have to finish- i just love the adjectives used lol-

"So he looked over at her, and watched as she ran her fingers through her auburn hair- the colour of autumn leaves. Her eyelashes dark as a raven fluttered their wings as she peered up from her phone she was texting with. A slight smile rose on her full lips, as she looked back down and carried on. He gazed at her. The perfect figure of a woman. The coach was busy. A late train of 23:13 on a thursday night, full of drunken lads, whom had been out on the town."

As well as this i have some crazy ideas for this christmas. So keep an eye out, because i hope to give you all a little chuckle. Please let me know what you think to these. Feedback is always lovely to hear :)

Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2012. Please do not use any of this without my permission

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