Monday, 17 September 2012

Christmas cards 2012

Christmas Cards for 2012. Thought I'd get myself into the festive mood early. These will be up for sale at the Manchester Alternative and Burlesque Fair September 22nd. So excited! Hope to see some of you there :)

Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2012

Sunday, 16 September 2012

"This is how we do it"

So I've been getting into the Halloween mood ready for the next Manchester Alternative and Burlesque Fair, September 22nd. I've been wanting to draw the bride of Frankenstein for a while now. I wanted to twist things round and make this strong woman a slave to the monster, helpless but still sexy :)

Hope you enjoy it! I will be selling prints and cards of it at the fair

Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2012

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Mister Big and Bad and Little Miss red

So again i was writing the other day and thought I'd share a little of what I've been writing so here goes-

"He watched her as she peeled away her warning red jacket, her protection, her armour. He grinned with his sharp teethy grin and licked his lips as she slenderly walked over to him. She stood there transfixed by his glinting full eyes, in complete awe of this beast. He had the power over her and he knew it. Taking her hand he pulled her towards him. An electric spark as their bodies touched. The tension builds between them as he leans towards her, kissing her neck, whilst his hands wander over her body. She can not move. For he is the puppeteer and she is now his toy, his beautiful fragile puppet. He is the monster that draws her in. Mister big and bad, and she is his little miss red."

"Wide awake i feel it- him! i feel him slowly peel back the layers, sinking his hands into my thoughts. Flicking through them like pages in a book. He stops, reads, then pushes them aside. He takes out a pen and looks at the worn out pages which were once pristine. Pages which used to glimmer are now graffitied and water stained from mascara rain. He begins to write again, crossing words out. Scribbling over beautifully illustrated images. Changing the story, the meaning, the thoughts. Torn out, chewed, then spat like pieces of chewing gum you find under your desk. Making a mess, a full on riot. You hear the voice shout, scream and protest."

I want to illustrate these so keep our eyes peeled for the future :) 

Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2012

Friday, 7 September 2012

In a writing mood :)

I've been in a writing mood recently and found myself scribbling away some poems/ half stories on the way back from a trip to birmingham. Would you like to hear them? Here goes....

"Push the boundaries, burlesque their fantasies.
Take the test.
Smiles on their faces, a chuckle in places.
Offend the rest.
Find their weakness, tickle the secret.
Scratch the truth.
Convert their thoughts, the judge in court.
Give them proof."

"Life can twist, and break your wrist,
and through broken hands you still pray, and let the lies just lay.
For is that not a sin, when you know within,
 that the father, your saviour, is but a kick in your shin.
For the stories you hear, are chinese whispers i fear,
and show you nothing of the truth, father give them proof."

now for more of a short story i may have to finish- i just love the adjectives used lol-

"So he looked over at her, and watched as she ran her fingers through her auburn hair- the colour of autumn leaves. Her eyelashes dark as a raven fluttered their wings as she peered up from her phone she was texting with. A slight smile rose on her full lips, as she looked back down and carried on. He gazed at her. The perfect figure of a woman. The coach was busy. A late train of 23:13 on a thursday night, full of drunken lads, whom had been out on the town."

As well as this i have some crazy ideas for this christmas. So keep an eye out, because i hope to give you all a little chuckle. Please let me know what you think to these. Feedback is always lovely to hear :)

Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2012. Please do not use any of this without my permission

Monday, 3 September 2012

Light within Darkness photoshoot

Just a few snaps from the photo shoot i did with Samantha Beth Rounding. The outfits shown here were designed and manufactured by Samantha Beth Rounding for her final collection at university. The collection was called "light within darkness", with a faerie theme. Together we worked to bring out the best of the collection looking at light, positions and location.

Copyright of Natasha Aldred and Samantha Beth Rounding 2012

Wolf eyes

This is an image i illustrated last week based on some ramblings i wrote down a while a go. I've recently started getting little bits of writing inspiration and thought I'd share the image and the text which inspired it. Please remember that these are only ramblings and in which some things may not make sense.

'We hide ourselves behind a masquerade mask.
We appear naive, a wolf in sheep skin.
A deep sense of sexuality and wonder within.
An underlying perverseness.
The fragility of the human body, but the strength of the mind.
A conceptual shark out to devour- to sink you into the depths of lust and sin, at the very moment you lose your grip and control.
You see it!
Feel the water become dark and strong.
It drags you down with that one sharp bite.
Into the depths, you struggle- fighting with every muscle you have.
But nothing is strong enough.
The pain becomes pleasure, swallowed, concealed by it, your mind is no longer part of your outer skin.
Your costume.
The dress you wear for the puppeteer.
You enjoy it!
Lust for it!
Pleasure and sexuality has taken you back, skinned you and the wolf is revealed."

Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2012
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