Thursday, 5 January 2012


Earlier in December last year I posted an image up called numb. The image was to participate in a competition with the theme, strength, solace and support. My main idea with the piece was to look at Depression as a time which people need the strength and support from others to get them back on their feet. As i mentioned to you then i was thinking of doing a trilogy of these images with numb being the final the 3rd of the trilogy. This image 'Overload' is to represent to 2nd stage of the depression. When everything is blown out of proportion and finally hits you and your mind begins to scream and thoughts turn over and over like cogs. This is the stage where emotions explode and are released. This may not be an exact account but it's my own interpretation. I'm now working on the first stage but wanted to show you all what I've been upto. :)

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