Monday, 30 January 2012


So I've been away from my blog for a little while, but i have been keeping busy. Between this time I have been back at the photography studio helping out with some online marketing. I have displayed some work to sell in a tattoo parlour in Wakefield and in "That's Entertainment" in Huddersfield. I'm also working on a logo and leaflet.

The above image is the final artwork to my depression series which is the 1st stage, as can be shown in the second image. You may already remember that these images were based on strength, Solace and Support. With this first stage i wanted to show it as more controlled than the others. It's the time when the emotions slowly start to creep in and you begin to hide, emotionally and physically. Where you look in the mirror and start to see things changing but are unaware what is really happening. These will be sent to the Blank Slate Art Competition. A charity to help those who have suffered Domestic Violence.

I've just heard back from this competition letting me know that these pieces will be exhibited in the Departure Cafe in East London for 2 weeks in March and will be up for auction. The money will all go to the charity 'Nour' above :)
So happy :)

Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2012

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