Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Angela Carter- The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories

I've recently just entered a competition, the book illustration competition that the House of Illustration and Folio Society put on every year. This year the book in general was Angela Carter- The Bloody Chamber and Other stories.
In these books Angela Carter uses the basis of fairytale stories but transforms them into modern, seductive tales. The three tales in the book to illustrate were; The bloody Chamber, Puss-in-Boots and the Company of wolves.

The Bloody Chamber- ' Dead as his Wives', (p28)

Puss-In-Boots- 'It was not I alone who saw her; with that smile he swears she stole his heart', (p80)

Company of Wolves- 'The girl burst out laughing; she knew she was nobody's meat', (p138)

This is a rough Binding idea to go with the three illustrations;

Through this blog I've illustrated a couple of Angela Carter's stories, so to see this competition really excited me. I like the dark, more risque feel to the stories, which has allowed me to push this style further. When i was in New York last year for portfolio reviews, one of my criticisms was to apply my riskiness which i had enveloped in my photographs into my illustrations, which i feel this project has allowed me to do. So the deadline closes tonight. Wish me luck! *fingers crossed*

Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2012

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  1. Oh tash these are lovely! I think the Puss in Boots one is my fave. Nice to see Gemma in there too :D I love how your style is developing, best of luck in the competition! x


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