Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Samantha Beth Rounding

These are my favourite shots from a photo shoot i did on sunday with the lovely Samantha Beth Rounding and Melissa Hawksworth. We will be photographing these clothes again in location, but as the weather did not live upto our expectations, we managed to pull of a girly set-up, allowing me to practise with my lighting equipment. The clothes featured in the shoot were designed and created by Sammie for her vintage/ girly collection to hopefully be sold in boutiques in the future. Sammie studies her fashion and manufacturing degree at Batley college and has a strong talent for colour and texture. With a strong interest in lace :) I love collaborating with Sammie, we usually come together on an idea and will work our hardest to make sure we both get the images we want. So look out for her and more photos and collections from this talented fashion designer :) Plus if you like what you see, check out her facebook page here

Also on other news, I'm putting together something for some-one special at the moment, and will be sure to post it up very soon for you all to see :)

Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2011
Copyright of clothes designs: Samantha Beth Rounding

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