Sunday, 23 October 2011

Bird Skull

Something I've been working on, to follow on as a set from the deer skull. Got a few more to come :)

Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2011

Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Queen Bee

I've been wanting to put these up for a while now. These images were produced during the summer as fashion illustrations. They were not the final outcomes but 4 of the initial finals, which i then changed due to a brief. I will show the finals when i can. I photographed the model shown here and then using the outfits suggested illustrated them to fit the model. Looking at the outfits i personally thought of a queen bee and looked at the strong female with a sting in her tail. The clothes designs are NOT my own and are copyright of the designers, so I'm not taking credit for them. I mainly wanted to put these up to show the mixture of photography and illustration coming together in my work and hope to work on this further.

Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2011

My First Wedding

So on the 3rd September 2011, Andrea and Nick Fisher were married in St Mary's church in Brandesburton and this eventful day was followed by an entertaining reception at Billabong Watersports. The weather was perfect and overall everyone had a good time and a laugh. For my first wedding i had been quite nervous, but the bride, Andrea had convinced me that i could do it, and she was right. Me and my mum got there at 2pm and straight away got set up for a long day and night. Everyone was so relaxed, up for doing things a little differently and made it a day to remember. Andrea looked stunning and her bridesmaids were so pretty. After the ceremony we went to take a few photos of the couple on their own. They looked so happy :) The reception began with them arriving by boat and followed with group photos and random poses :) All in all I personally had a great time, had the experience of shooting quickly and running around the whole day. I edited down the photos and presented Andrea and Nick with prints, CD and a printed wedding book, which you can see the page layouts above :) To have a closer look, just click on the images

Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2011

Friday, 7 October 2011

Pin-up perfection publication

Yesterday i got some lovely news from the lovely model Carensa Semmens, letting me know that the image above from our zombie pin-up shoot had been published in Pin-up Perfection Magazine Halloween edition 2011. This being my first publication i was over the moon :)

Along with this my friend from the lovely Strumpets Bazaar has wrote a blog about our first photo shoot- take a peek on Strumpets Bazaar blog.

I've recently photographed a wedding for Andrea and Nick Fisher, the photographs were responded well and I will be giving you a few previews of the wedding album, as soon as the bride and groom have seen it. :) I really enjoyed the day, and after worrying for ages, the day became very relaxed and fun. It was such a change working on an event and having to work spontaneously without long poses and organising groups and the bride and groom.

Along with this i have been spending my time gaining some work experience at a local photography studio, photographyworks. I've been learning more about studio lights, working commercially, organising models and working with clients. I've met some lovely people and I've learnt so much in the last month.

I'm hoping to have abit more work on here soon, but as of the last two weeks I've been recovering from my shoulder operation, so keep you eyes peeled for more :)

Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2011
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