Monday, 1 August 2011


Since I've been back home I've had a few bits here and there. When i got asked to photograph this lovely border collie for his family i was a little wary, as it's not something i would usually do. His name was Wilf, so playful and fun, but so so so camera shy, which left me with a challenge and made him more fun to shoot. After taking him out to the field and in his favourite spots in the house we soon found that Wilf's character came out through the camera. I was also asked as part of this commission to photograph the family's niece with wilf. Scary- Children and pets- together! Bless she behaved so well after a little cry which was unshown on the photos and she soon enjoyed it. Although these photos of the child and wilf were liked by the family, i have decided not to put them up for protection over the child. All in all this turned out to be an interesting project, allowed me to take up a challenge, find a decent printers around the area i live and helped me work with commissions.

Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2011

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