Monday, 28 March 2011

Rewind the tape, and let's watch it back.

So I'm back home and I found a book of poems i used to write.... they are quite personal and some people may think I'm quite emo from this but i wanted to post them, because in a way i like the creativity and flow of words, and description that i used.

Once upon a time:

Once upon a time, a heart fixed was whole,
now this heart is still split in two,
disguised by a slit, sellotaped together with the cheapest masking tape that the girl could find.

A smile which once held all the love in the world,
is now faked,
the frown hidden underneath a clown's mask, with a painted happy smile.

The girl who used to stand so tall,
is slouched,
hidden behind her knees and books, hiding herself from the world.

The light which once shone from this girl,
is hidden by darkness,
at night she is once again unseen.

Mascara rain:

I'm fed up of living,
a stupid lie,
I'm fed up of being,
locked up inside,
these poems are,
my only way out,
as my heart and soul,
screams and shouts,
Leave me!
Let me live!
Stop my heart,
from bleeding through,
stop these showers,
of mascara rain,
leaving zebra lines,
upon my face,
Let my soul,
and heart run free.


The world is seperated,
by a transparent wall,
segmenting all the people,
so they won't converse at all.
Standing in a building,
In a two story city,
looking out and watching,
the war that has begun,
Between races and culture,
music and fashion,
Individuals scared,
to stride upon a land,
which they believe to be anothers.
The wrong impression being drawn,
the truth being brighter,
we need entrepreneurs and explores,
to venture forward.
Open mindness has been lost,
or was it ever there?
Discrimination in this land,
needs to be destroyed!
Stereotypical groups,
not needed to be applied
and everyone has a right to prove themselves!

It can wierd to look back at you old work, either with it being artwork, photography or literature or random outbursts of words like the ones above. Sometimes it makes you wonder where the creativity comes from.

Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2011

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