Thursday, 17 March 2011

JDStone- Unreal Experimental

I've been meaning to put these images up for a while now, last year i did a cd cover and cd illustration for a close friend. The cd was for a talented keyboardist, into his prog rock, his music is experimental, new and fresh. The influences of his interest in rock can be heard and experienced through his work. It was a honour to design this cover illustration. The typography was also worked on by JDStone. Through doing the cover we kept in contact, exchanging ideas and roughs, so we could both pull together something we were both proud of. His cd is on sale, contact him on the below links for details or to listen to the songs.

Check out JDstone's blog and his youtube

I've been thinking recently that there's been alot of changes and tricky situations which i know i can pull myself through, I've been feeling more positive and enjoying my uni work and my renewed creativity. I missed it. I now know that what I've wanted all along, this course and creativity is what i want my life to be about. I can't let things hold me back and I need to grasp any opportunity life throws at me. I need it, it's what I've always wanted and for a long time i forgot that. Sorry this has been more personal than usual, sometimes you need to write things down just to make them clear to yourself.

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