Thursday, 24 March 2011

derelict abandoned pub

I went for a random walk on sunday and took my camera. There's an abandoned pub in falmouth. Inside is covered with grafitti, beams where the floors used to be and a section of it is missing a floor. It's dingy and moldy and there's areas where the wallpaper is peeling off, but this is what makes it fun and interesting to photograph. The detail and texture carries out well, especially with black and white photography, discarding the colours and allowing the shapes to provide the true forms and shadows in the photographs. If anyone is to check out this place i do recommend decent shoes, and watch out for the pigeons lol. Really fun for photo shoots as an interesting location. Been busy this week with photo shoots- but being at the other side of the camera. It was interesting to see the side of the model more and play out more eccentric roles as Alice in wonderland. Four shoots in 3 days is really tiring and I am quite shattered, but they were exciting to do and i found myself getting into the character. I hope the photographer thought the same :) Anyways I'll stop boring you now.... toodles! x x

Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2011

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