Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Bradford Photography Museum

So me and my mum went to the photography Museum in Bradford and it was so much fun, off course we started off with the sensible stuff and stared at beautiful 1900's Kodak Brownie camera's which i secretly own one and tried to figure out the year mine was made, then we headed upstairs where we found the KID"S ROOM! It was like a spaceship with experiments. Take a look below.

We found giant mirrors and everything was so colourful full on inspiration for my quotes book quote. Fun giant typography reminded me of the circus :)

We found the mirrors really fun, we went from being large and fat to tall and skinny, to a whole range of mini versions of ourselves. I wonder what it would be like if we did have mini duplicates... i would get so much done... hmmm!
This was a really cool day, upstairs they had animation rooms and media, where kids could film themselves as an newsreader, or in the sky or even teletubbies land. To be honest i kind of wanted to try that out, but they're was loads of kids hehe. Fun day all in all, and very inspirational :)

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