Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Auction piece

Auction piece for uni, to raise money for our quotes book. Alongside us students the tutors are also submitting work to sell, as well as Michael Foreman and Quentin Blake :) a little exciting. I hope we can raise as much as we can tomorrow, as the quotes book is a massive part of our uni year, which holds a double page spread from each student as part of an agency. This is then distributed to other agencies, companies and shows like New designers and New Blood etc.

Copyright of Natasha Aldred

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Prostate cancer awareness

Important: These images are just for uni project work and are not part of the NHS campaign.

This is the poster i put together to provide awareness of Prostate Cancer. This subject is not focussed on as much as Breast Cancer and Lung cancer but it is the 2nd most dangerous cancer for men. This cancer can be silent and may not cause any symptoms, but can start from the age of 50.

These two images above are hand outs from my campaign. There will be four altogether, but for this project i have done two finals and the other two as neat visuals. These provide abit more information into Prostate cancer in bitesize amounts, so as not to overwhelm the reader. I decided to do this after i went to the doctors for information about the subject. I was suprised when the information only came out as computer print offs rather than leaflets which could be read, maybe in the waiting room of the doctors.

Copyright of Natasha Aldred 2010
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