Thursday, 28 October 2010

my heart... my pendulum

"I've made out a will; I'm leaving myself"
by Simon Armitage

I've made out a will; I'm leaving myselfto the National Health. I'm sure they can usethe jellies and tubes and syrups and glues,the web of nerves and veins, the loaf of brains,and assortment of fillings and stitches and wounds,blood - a gallon exactly of bilberry soup -the chassis or cage or cathedral of bone;but not the heart, they can leave that alone.

They can have the lot, the whole stock:the loops and coils and sprockets and springs and rods,the twines and cords and strands,the face, the case, the cogs and the hands,

but not the pendulum, the ticker;leave that where it stops or hangs.
I love this poem, the description from Simon Armitage is amazing. For my 2nd project of the year i decided to illustrate this poem. I would like to apologise if this image offends anyone. This was a fun image to make, I had a few problems at the start as i made a leather heart to begin with but found out from a tutor that it need to be a stronger image. I then ordered a lambs heart which i then sewed up. I wanted to describe the last part of the poem, where the rest of the body is being taken away leaving the heart in the dark, where it's stopped.
Also as i said in my earlier blog i have set up the website for my 365 day photography project it is called Zeitgeist, follow the link please. I will get the images up soon :)
Copyright of Natasha Aldred

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  1. sweet picture. it really says a lot.
    so, no segue here- in fact you could say this is a total non-sequitur- which is the name of our show, and you should check it out. click on the blog and you can hear it there.


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