Saturday, 15 May 2010

Kids in canon lenses???

So guys, I bet you're wondering why the crazy name.... well today while i was "writing the rest the of my essay" ha! I bid for this gorgeous SLR camera on ebay :) can't wait for it to arrive and hopefully try and find a fish eye lens for it... hmmm... Thinking maybe getting abit of black and white film-age going going on! :) Also even though Thursday was two days ago, i still have a huge smile on my face. Princess Pavilion was stage to an awesome band called Kids In Glass Houses and were supported by two awesome bands. The first being Spy Catcher, who set the standard high for the night, engaging with the audience and gave off an awesome performance with their songs... "rock is cursed", "you got Soul" and " I hate ppl". I recommend for a great performance and a catchy tune. The Second Band was General Fiasco who followed beautifully, the band was energetic like the first and the lead singer showed of his Irish vocals, when performing with the band and by solo. Kids in Glass Houses came on and the crowd went mad! They were performers and played games with the audience. Starting up multi-tasking song wars, bringing together mosh pits and was found laughing at the crowd, as we all went mad. The atmosphere was electric, and smiles were seen on everyone's faces. At the end they came on after the encor, telling everyone that they would do a signing. In all the gigs I've been to, I have never seen this happen. So we queued up with tickets at the ready. The band was lovely and seemed generally pleased to have a chat while signing our tickets. Meeting the band made my night, it was then followed by more dancing and a few more drinks in the local clubs in Falmouth. But to see them being like that made you realise that they haven't lost their passion for their music and fans like most bands do when they become big. They were generally happy to chat to their fans.
I know there's not much work photos in this post but i wanted to add something different and fun to this blog.

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