Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Autistic Brain

I decided to give myself a short project of a 3 day editorial, after reading the New Scientist, I found an article about Autism and how it shouldn't be known as a disability as it can hold many advantages and the people who are autistic can be strong in so many ways like ; memory, attention to intricate details, musical pitch recognition, visuospatial skills and rational decision making.
I am very interested in this subject and would like to look further into autism and other functions like this.

The article i chose to base my project on was New Scientist- Autistic Brain.

This has helped me develop more photoshop skills and my mark making skills.

Over the weekend I saw Mic Macs at the cinema directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. The same director as Amalie. The Film was fantastic, quirky and deep. Artistic in every way, another one of Jean-Pierre Jeunet's amazing pieces.... I would recommend anyone to watch this!!

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