Sunday, 9 May 2010

Bleeding Ink

Tattoo designs :) so where to start. The reason I'm putting this up, is because i have just been asked to design an old mate's tattoo. I love doing this. It's so personal to the person and you get to know them better. Also tattoos can look sweet when inked by an awesome tattoist. The body is like a canvas and needs painting :)
The first one on this page is my most recent design. A friend of mine wanted something ionic with a japanese geisha to go on his ribs. Geisha are known for their beauty- alike pin up girls are in britian. They are controlled by the men, like puppets to a puppeteer. The Koi Karp was added after to add continuity to his tattoos, which made an accidental wrap around. Happy mistake :)
The Spider was for friend i speak to on Dewsbury Market when I'm at home. He was going through a personal rehab and wanted a spider on his foot. The Rehab got me thinking and a pheonix was produced to symbolise starting a new.
The Latter one in colour was designed for an old work mate, she had asked for a yellow rose and 4 other roses to portray her children. Working with colours i added the blue and pink for a new born baby approach of a boy and a girl.

Copyright of Natasha Aldred

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