Monday, 24 May 2010

The theme of Innocence

I have taken this shoot with my new Cannon T70 film camera. The camera itself is a beauty and sounds amazing when the photos are taken. :) The photoshoot is based on an adult narrative by Angela Carter, called The Erl-King. Through this story virgin girls get lost in the woods and are leered in by the Erl-king where he destroys their innocence and turns them into birds. With this i wanted to look closer at the theme of innocence. The shoot was fun to do and a little different to my usual shoots. I was looking at the brightness of the character in the harsh woods, the size of her compared and the softness. The model who's blog is really got into character and was perfect for the shoot :) I am going to use a couple of these photos to illustrate and create some stronger illustration pieces :)

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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Superhero vs Supervillain!

These are from an old shoot, photographed in an old run down pub, but the graffiti was awesome! A shot, to provide a sense of 60's super-hero with the theme of a slight fetish.. This shoot was fun to do and the models really got into character :) I miss having this confidence under the influence of a camera. I'm hoping to gain this back and retain it :)

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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Kids in canon lenses???

So guys, I bet you're wondering why the crazy name.... well today while i was "writing the rest the of my essay" ha! I bid for this gorgeous SLR camera on ebay :) can't wait for it to arrive and hopefully try and find a fish eye lens for it... hmmm... Thinking maybe getting abit of black and white film-age going going on! :) Also even though Thursday was two days ago, i still have a huge smile on my face. Princess Pavilion was stage to an awesome band called Kids In Glass Houses and were supported by two awesome bands. The first being Spy Catcher, who set the standard high for the night, engaging with the audience and gave off an awesome performance with their songs... "rock is cursed", "you got Soul" and " I hate ppl". I recommend for a great performance and a catchy tune. The Second Band was General Fiasco who followed beautifully, the band was energetic like the first and the lead singer showed of his Irish vocals, when performing with the band and by solo. Kids in Glass Houses came on and the crowd went mad! They were performers and played games with the audience. Starting up multi-tasking song wars, bringing together mosh pits and was found laughing at the crowd, as we all went mad. The atmosphere was electric, and smiles were seen on everyone's faces. At the end they came on after the encor, telling everyone that they would do a signing. In all the gigs I've been to, I have never seen this happen. So we queued up with tickets at the ready. The band was lovely and seemed generally pleased to have a chat while signing our tickets. Meeting the band made my night, it was then followed by more dancing and a few more drinks in the local clubs in Falmouth. But to see them being like that made you realise that they haven't lost their passion for their music and fans like most bands do when they become big. They were generally happy to chat to their fans.
I know there's not much work photos in this post but i wanted to add something different and fun to this blog.

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Ok maybe I'm a little bored.... got an essay due soon and i am unable to write! Writers block completely when it comes to facts. So i thought I'd add some extra drawings... Just a few that i do when sat in cafes or on the train... just drawing people. I like to make stories up about them. Some may look like Sid Vicious, others are cute couples, and some i make up when i hear random conversations. It's fun to do and keeps my drawing going. :) I would like to make a Zine out of these some day! I think it would be fun for others to see the people I've met or seen

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Autistic Brain

I decided to give myself a short project of a 3 day editorial, after reading the New Scientist, I found an article about Autism and how it shouldn't be known as a disability as it can hold many advantages and the people who are autistic can be strong in so many ways like ; memory, attention to intricate details, musical pitch recognition, visuospatial skills and rational decision making.
I am very interested in this subject and would like to look further into autism and other functions like this.

The article i chose to base my project on was New Scientist- Autistic Brain.

This has helped me develop more photoshop skills and my mark making skills.

Over the weekend I saw Mic Macs at the cinema directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. The same director as Amalie. The Film was fantastic, quirky and deep. Artistic in every way, another one of Jean-Pierre Jeunet's amazing pieces.... I would recommend anyone to watch this!!

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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Photoshop "Phoniness?"

So... i think I'm up to date :) For my latest project i thought I would return back to my English lessons at high school, and pick up the book that a lot of my class mates hated. The Catcher in the rye, which was once banned, is a bildungsroman and tells the story of Holden Caulfield as he is coming of age. Everything is "phony" to Holden, and he hates change, and watching innocence and purity disappear. I was able to borrow a baseball glove for this book jacket. I photographed it and drew it out. Using Print and sewing for the words, i then ventured on to my attempt of assembling this on photoshop. Not knowing many photoshop skills before i feel that i have gained more knowledge in this subject :) Remember don't fall off the edge of the cliff where the field of rye grows and the children play, keep your innocence, don't fall into the world of adulthood where life is full of phoniness! Enjoy having the peter pan syndrome.... and never fully grow up :)

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Tell a story through the eyes of a parrot

This was part of my negotiated projects. I spent a week on these images for the Hugo Boss Competition. The main Brief was to design a t-shirt using the templates and a parrot for the Spring/ summer 2011 edition. Unfortunately i didn't win, but it gave me a good insight into working in new ways. I focussed mainly on the colours and patterns in this project. Looking at the parrot as a repeater and how fashion is a repeats itself like the parrot. Also by researching into the parrot i found that they have a wide eye-view and an amazing hearing. So like stories are repeated and past on few the years.... i wonder what these stories sound like and look like through a parrots eyes?

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Colourful creepy critters

When i first found out that i had to illustrate a children's book for uni, i wasn't looking forward to it one bit. We got given the texts and i chose "in the attic". The text gave loads of room for adaption and experimentation and i soon came up with the idea of a squirrel living in a tree. Using watercolour and bight colours i transformed creepy critters into colourful, friendly creatures. This was so much fun, completely different to my usual style and gave me a chance to draw animals in new ways :)

Copyright of Natasha Aldred

Bleeding Ink

Tattoo designs :) so where to start. The reason I'm putting this up, is because i have just been asked to design an old mate's tattoo. I love doing this. It's so personal to the person and you get to know them better. Also tattoos can look sweet when inked by an awesome tattoist. The body is like a canvas and needs painting :)
The first one on this page is my most recent design. A friend of mine wanted something ionic with a japanese geisha to go on his ribs. Geisha are known for their beauty- alike pin up girls are in britian. They are controlled by the men, like puppets to a puppeteer. The Koi Karp was added after to add continuity to his tattoos, which made an accidental wrap around. Happy mistake :)
The Spider was for friend i speak to on Dewsbury Market when I'm at home. He was going through a personal rehab and wanted a spider on his foot. The Rehab got me thinking and a pheonix was produced to symbolise starting a new.
The Latter one in colour was designed for an old work mate, she had asked for a yellow rose and 4 other roses to portray her children. Working with colours i added the blue and pink for a new born baby approach of a boy and a girl.

Copyright of Natasha Aldred

Saturday, 8 May 2010


The Images are based on the book "Perfume" by Patrick Suskind. The Brief i wrote for myself was to make a book which acted out as the main character Grenouille's diary. Grenouille is an amazing human being who has an extroadinary sense of smell, Although this sense of smell leads him onto a path of murder as he tries to gain the essences of virgin girls. With this project it helped me to create images which i felt Grenouille would be thinking. Allowing me to express emotion through touch and smell aswell as imagery. If anyone is interested in seeing anymore the rest can be found on my flikr page x x x

Copyright of Natasha Aldred

"So the memories begin" the lion roared

I wanted to start off this blog with a few images from my illustrated book in year one "the Courtship of Mr Lyon" All drawn onto fabric with sewn and photographed images.

Copyright of Natasha Aldred
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